“Human is that, what he eats.” Ancient Indian wisdom

Established in 2007, Olimport Ltd. is a rapidly developing trade company in the food sector, devoted to the mission to select and supply the best, competitive and healthy foods and ingredients to restaurants, bakeries and small specialised shops. The company’s activity covers the whole range of trade: sales, marketing, logistics.

Olimport Ltd. is the exclusive importer and representative of products from Greece, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria, and has proven throughout the years as true friend and reliable partner to each manager and owner of a restaurant or a shop who wants to offer his clients the best products on the best prices.

The quality, diversity and the informed choice are crucial in the selection of the products included in the portfolio of Olimport Ltd. Each of them is tested by a team of professional chefs from Sofia’s best restaurants, before being introduced to the Bulgarian market.

Olimport Ltd. organises regular tastings, participates in expos and offers to its clients advertising materials to help their work. Creative and innovative, in 2008 the company organised the first olive oil themed dinner with the help of Chef Andre Tokev.

Olimport Ltd. is aware of how important is the further development of the Bulgarian culinary scene. The company works actively with the professional associations of chefs in the country, participates in culinary events and has been supporting the Bulgaria’s National Culinary Cup each year since 2009.

With each year of its activity, Olimport Ltd. proves that with insight, persistency and dedication nothing is impossible. Its sales and market share are on a steady rise, and its clients and partners include the leaders in the HoReCa sector, and a range of specialised shops and boutique bakeries, while its distribution network is spreading over the Bulgaria Black Sea coast and the country.

Our Team:

Olimport Milena Assenova

Milena Assenova

Email: officeolimport.bg

Olimport Elena Novoselova

Elena Novoselova

Sales Representative
Tel: +359 (0)885 97 76 59

Olimport Violeta Petrova

Violeta Petrova

Office Manager
Tel: +359 (0)884 62 19 00

Olimport Mariela Alexandrova

Mariela Aleksandrova

Logistics Coordinator
Tel.: +359 (0)893 39 38 04

Olimport Danail Yosifov

Danail Yosifov

Supply Manager
Tel: +359 (0)884 21 24 62

Olimport Biser Biserov

Biser Biserov

Supply Manager
Tel: +359 (0)893 39 38 00