“Human is that, what he eats.” Ancient Indian wisdom

Finely ground Himalayan salt

Finely ground Himalayan salt The Himalayan salt we distribute is a pure, natural product made in Pakistan. It lacks the impurities and the toxins that are usually present in sea salt. Unlike traditional table salt it has not been chemically treated. This is the product containing all the 84 main elements and minerals found in […]

Granulated Himalayan salt

The Himalayan salt is a clean natural product with a rich content of the main 84 minerals which the human body needs to function properly.

Mixed Pepper Grains

Each type of pepper has its own specific taste and aroma, and a different application in cooking.

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Olimport Ltd. is a company importing products of proven quality from Greece, Spain and Italy. Our customers rely on us to provide them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Himalayan salt and exotic peppers, artichokes and olives – products that are key for the delicious, fragrant and healthy cooking. Order now.